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The NOMOSAN company has been on the market since December 2001. We deal with orthomolecular medicine. The idea of ​​orthomolecular medicine was first described by two-time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling.

The pioneers Szente-Györgi and later Linus

It is thanks to Pauling that scientific interest in the importance of trace elements, phytochemicals and vitamins was awakened.

Therapeutic possibilities with micronutrients

Micronutrients often have a large therapeutic range and often work together in mutual dependence. That no micronutrient works alone, summarized Dr. medical

Gerhard Ohlenschläger with a view to orthomolecular medicine and antioxidants

Systems together as follows: “Orthomolecular

Medicine wants to keep wildfires small. A

Fire extinguisher in the basement is not enough for the whole house. There must be one in every room. A violin doesn't make an orchestra and an antioxidant doesn't offer oxidative protection".

With orthomolecular measures, biochemical stimuli are set that can be used and responded to by the organism in a meaningful way, since it is dealing with original parts, ie with active ingredients that are familiar to it. This enables early intervention in the energy metabolism, optimization of the repair mechanisms and the elimination of free radicals.

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