Dr. Said Nadjib Moshref

Vita Dr. Said Nadjib Moshref

Personal Data

Name: Dr. Said Nadjib Moshref

Place of residence: Westerstede, Germany

Academic background and research

Dr. Moschref has a remarkable background in chemistry, particularly in the field of organic chemistry. He is known for his research on regio- and stereospecific chemistry. One of his outstanding scientific contributions is the co-authorship of a paper on the regio- and stereospecific addition of chlorodibutyltintin hydride to prop-2-ynyl ether. This work was published in 1998 in the prestigious journal Chemical Communications and emphasizes the high yield of specific chemical reactions at room temperature.

Important publications

Article: "Regio- and stereo-specific addition of chlorodibutyltin hydride to prop-2-ynylic ethers" in Chemical Communications (1998)

Co-authors: Terence N. Mitchell, Said-Nadjib Moschref

Content: Investigation of the regio- and stereospecific hydrostannation of prop-2-ynyl esters with chlorodibutyltin hydride, which achieves almost quantitative yields at room temperature in benzene.

Professional career

After his academic career, Dr. Moschref founded Nomosan Nutraceuticals , which specializes in the development and marketing of health and wellness products. The company offers a wide range of products, including:

  • Products to support the cardiovascular system
  • Products to promote eye health
  • Special formulations for diabetics

Company data

Company: Nomosan Nutraceuticals

Address: Eichendorffstraße 21, 26655 Westerstede, Germany


Production and sales

Nomosan Nutraceuticals attaches great importance to the highest quality standards and produces exclusively according to the strict guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). This ensures that all products meet the highest requirements for purity and quality.

Since 2001, Nomosan Nutraceuticals products have been available in all pharmacies throughout Germany and can also be purchased via apotal.de. The products are also available throughout Europe at DocMorris, which underlines the wide availability and trust in the brand.

EU research project

Dr. Moschref is also actively involved in European research projects. An outstanding example is the EU research project Berry4Value , which is concerned with the development and marketing of innovative products based on berries. The aim of the project is to increase the added value of these natural resources and to develop new health applications.

Philosophy and goals

Nomosan Nutraceuticals aims to contribute to improving general health through innovative and scientifically based products. Dr. Moschref places great emphasis on research and development to ensure that his products are based on the latest science and meet the highest quality standards.

Additional information

For more details about Dr. Moschref's professional activities and his company, you can visit the official website of Nomosan Nutraceuticals: Nomosan Nutraceuticals .

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