Berry4Value - EU - project

Valorization of berry side-streams for sustainable production of high value-added compounds

The aim of the joint project Berry4Value - "Valorization of berry side-streams for sustainable production of high value-added compounds" was the development of strategies for the complete valorization of the marc obtained during juice extraction from berries. Here, newer extraction techniques should be combined with new purification technologies to create an economically viable and efficient process. The consortium comprised six institutions.

As research centers, the Ghent University and the German Institute for Food Technology eV, as well as four companies that mapped the entire process chain, from the provision of the pomace (Eco Tresures), to the processing and extraction (Möller Pharma) and the utilization of the extracted extracts in the form of Dietary supplements (Nomosan) and the utilization of extraction residues for bio-based materials, e.g. as sustainable floor coverings (Orineo). In accordance with the objective, a strategy and a methodology were developed as part of the sub-project at NOMOSAN Nutraceuticals, in cooperation with the project partners mentioned, in order to use highly pure anthocyanins from berries obtained by means of membrane chromatography for a new product range in the field of intestinal and eye health.

As part of the project, two anthocyanin-containing products for eye health were successfully developed and brought to market. Another product, also based on anthocyanins, was developed to support intestinal health.

The use of the valuable ingredients from berries to produce the food supplements for specific purposes is a great success for Nomosan in that the food supplements will not only contain more anthocyanins than competing products available on the market in the future with the same capsule size, but also that the anthocyanins in the own products Shelf-stable and in a native composition, comparable to the composition in fresh blueberry fruits. This could also be ensured within the framework of the project through analysis at the DIL and through corresponding product controls and storage tests of the extracts and products. This is an important unique selling point for Nomosan and holds great economic potential for the future.

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